Are you looking for dependable school lockers for your school or would you like to upgrade your current school lockers? Having high-quality, long-lasting storage lockers installed will not only ensure that your students’ belongings are secure throughout the day but will see you through many generations to come. Lockers are convenient storage units to keep unused items out of the way, allowing for open, clean spaces to create a great learning environment.

What are the different types of school lockers available today?

At DB Office Supplies, we have been catering to the various needs of furniture items for schools, offices, industrial workspaces, and libraries within Ireland and Dublin. We stock a great collection of school lockers that are eye-catching and durable with a choice of different styles, colors, and functions according to your space and requirements.  Some of these include; the Probe Education Lockers, Laptop and Media Device School Charging Lockers, Probe Student 1-6 Doors Steel Lockers, and the Probe Student Lockers.



Contact DB Office Supplies today and let us help you find just the right school lockers for your needs, we deliver across Ireland and Dublin with our fleet of vehicles.

Laptop and media device school charging locker.

Probe student 1-6 doors steel lockers.

Probe student lockers.

If you need any help in finding or choosing the right lockers, please call our experienced sales team on (01) 460 4555.