Investing in high-quality whiteboards and displays for your school provides you with creative communicative tools for both students and teachers to make use of and they are visually impactful. You can highlight announcements, important notices and special events in a way that is appealing to the eye and leaves a lasting impression. While you can write out notes on paper, whiteboards and displays are more versatile as you can remove information and rewrite as you need, this is a perfect way to explain complex information that needs to be broken down and it creates engagement with your students.

What types of Whiteboards & Display boards are available?

At DB Office Supplies, you can find an assortment of whiteboards and displays in a variety of sizes and colours to go with the ambiance of your classroom or fit into a certain space. Some of our whiteboards and displays include; Mobile notice boards, Premier Felt Noticeboards, Mobile Whiteboards, and the TamperProof Aluminium Standard Felt Oxford.


Contact DB Office Supplies today, if you are looking for a particular whiteboard or notice board for your needs, we deliver across Dublin and Ireland.

Available in 1200 x 1200, 1800 x 1200,  2400 x 1200

Unframed twite sky1024

TamperProof Aluminium StandardFelt Oxford



Premier Felt Noticeboard,

Hardwood Framed

Oxford Blue

Mobile Notice Board

Available in 1200 x 1200, 1800 x 1200,  2400 x 1200


If you need any help in finding or choosing the right whiteboard or display unit, please call our experienced sales team on (01) 460 4555.