Finding the correct waste management items and placing them in the right areas of your workspace or school encourages everyone to dispose of their waste correctly and makes them conscientious about the environment. Quality, long-lasting, and correctly labeled waste bins provide a foundation for good waste habits to take place and ensure correct recycling.

What are the different Waste Bins available?

There is a range of Waste bins suitable for workspaces, shopping centres, petrol stations, and schools, these include Outdoor Waste Disposal Bins, Recycling Bins, and Waste Paper Bins.  Our range of waste bins will help you maintain cleanliness in your environment and you can find bins that will work well with your space. Some of these bins include our; Slim Line 3 Way Recycling Bins and Slim Jim Recycling Bins.


At DB Office Supplies, we supply waste bins throughout Ireland to meet the demands of Waste Management solutions, contact us today and we will help you find the correct waste bin/bins for your needs.

Large Waste Paper Bin

Outdoor Waste Disposal Bin

Slim Jim Recycling Bins

Slim Line 3 Way Recycling Bins

Slimline 2 Way Recycling Bins

If you need any help in finding or choosing the right waste management product, please call our experienced sales team on (01) 460 4555.