Schools often need a variety of furniture for different areas within the school environment. Having the necessary school furniture incorporated in your school is essential to ensure the space has the necessary components to be a well-functioning space that facilitates teaching and enhances learning for students.  

The different types of general school furniture that we supply

We supply general furniture for schools in particular that include a combination of single upright chairs, rectangular desks, single upright rectangular desks, special education workstation tables, staffroom tables, and whiteboards to fully complete classrooms so that students can concentrate better without focusing on the discomfort of uncomfortable chairs or hard to read whiteboards. Our notice and display boards are also a valuable addition to classroom settings to help keep students informed of important notices, and reminders, etc. as they are easily accessible and enable easy viewing.


We also supply staging furniture for school theatres including staging, chairs, and accessories if you are looking to liven up the space or you need extra furniture to accommodate your growing audiences.

Waste collection and efficient waste management are also important in a school setting not only to maintain a clean school environment but also for recycling purposes. We stock recycling bins for this very purpose and will also deliver them to you if your school is in the Dublin or Ireland area.

If you are looking for general furniture; but moreover, specific pieces with which to furnish your school but don’t know where to start contact DB Office Supplies today.

If you need any help in finding or choosing the right product, please call our experienced sales team on (01) 460 4555.