We stock a great range of high quality, cost effective secondary school classroom tables, desks and workbenches in a wide range of sizes and colours featuring durable, easy to clean worktops and robust frames. They are designed to ensure long lasting strength and stability and they can be used for a range of everyday educational activities.


Many of our secondary school tables and workbenches are in stock, available for quick delivery on our own fleet of vehicles.


At DB Office Supplies, we deliver across Dublin & Ireland.

Group table code:  MRT2 / MRT1
Code:  MRT2 – Trapezoidal Table 1200 x 600mm
Code:  MRT1 – Rectangular Table 1200 x 600mm


Single Table with Slopped top & shelf
Code:  T6S
Size 600 x 650mm top x 790mm high

Grey Table
Code:  T6
Size 600 x 650 x 790 (at front) 900mm at back

Code:  DTAT (Beech Table)
Size 800 x 500 x 830mm

Code:  ATT (Grey Table with blue frame)
Size 500 x 680 x720mm high

Code:  ARB
Size 1200 x 600mm

Free Standing Seating Unit with Slats

Code:  S712 – Size 450 x 325 x 1200mm

Code:  S715 – Size 450 x 325 x 1500mm

Code:  S718 – Size 450 x 325 x 1800mm

Code:  T1G
Size 1200 x 600 x 760mm high

Group Work Tables

Assorted Colour Tops Available: White / Grey / Red / Blue / Lime / Beech

Table Available with or without castor at back leg

Image above table without castor

Code:  GWT4
Size 860 x 600 x 760mm high

Code:  ARBC
Size 1800 x 1200mm

Code:  T2G
Size 600 x 600 x 760mm high

Code:  T1

Student Double Table

Size 1200 x 600mm

Drawing Table with sloped top and half shelf

Code:  T6S

Size 600 x 650 x 790mm (at front) 900mm (back)

Code:  W3B

Home Economic Table with shelf

Size 1200 x 760 x 850mm

Code:  WWs

Woodwork Bench without tool

Code:  T2
Beech – Size 600 x 600 x 760mm high

Exam Tables

Trolly for Exam Tables

If you need any help in finding or choosing the right tables and workbenches, please call our experienced sales team on (01) 460 4555.