Bomefa 150 Shelving


Bomefa 150 Shelving

Designed and manufactured to the same high standards as Bomefa 100+, this versatile range brings timeless design, superior aesthetics and openness to any library environment. This system boasts strong, adjustable feet for levelling the bookcase, sloping rear edge preventing book damage, a wide range of colour options, rounded edges and corners for safety, and an environmentally-friendly epoxy polyester coating, these are just a few of the many features. With a variety of options, the modular system can be adapted or extended in order to meet user requirements as they change and grow. The starter kit is available in both single and double-sided options, each available with either four, five or six shelves, along with additional units which attach to the basic starter kit to provide as long or as short a shelving system as you require. This particular kit is available in a variety of colours, with the Perforated Steel end panel, and optional integrated index strips. Further options are available on request.


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