Enhance your business, office space, school admin areas or classrooms with a range of quality mobile storage and filing systems that will bring convenience to your daily tasks and create a simplistic and organised environment.

Office mobile storage and filing systems for a productive workflow

Do you want to bring style and order to your office, streamline paperwork and files and make a dedicated, organised space for efficient workflow? With quality storage and filing systems, you can lessen the worry of significant paperwork and have extra time for more important tasks for your business.

Maintain a professional and organised work environment.

By using the correct storage units for your various office necessities such as; stationary, files, laptops, media devices etc. you can create a clean, open-plan office that is visually appealing for your clients and a workspace clear of clutter makes the ideal environment for your staff to focus and it gives them dedicated places to maintain organisation.


With over 30 years in the industry, DB Office Supplies are industry-leaders for office storage and filing systems that not only look exquisite but offer quality functionality. From Storage Shelving, Railex Filing and Mobile Storage to Storage Lockers, Laptop and Tablet Lockers, you can bring order to your office space,increase productivity and performance.

Contact DB Office Supplies today for a personalised service of your needs. Shelf heights can be optimised for your particular space and are available in a variety of colour pallets and finishes from steel and wooden options. Whatever you select, we deliver across Ireland with our fleet of vehicles.

If you need any help in finding or choosing the right mobile storage product, please call our experienced sales team on (01) 460 4555.